Council’s vision for Palmerston North is for every resident to be able to enjoy the benefits of living in a small city, with the advantages of a big city.

It’s bold and ambitious, but it’s achievable. What we need is a connected community that's on the same page, working together towards common goals. There is large financial investment needed to help us achieve our goal of experiencing the best of both worlds, but if we don’t invest, we’ll end up with a mix of small and big city disadvantages too and face higher economic, environmental and social costs. This will impact on our children and future generations.

Our 10 Year Plan describes how we intend to achieve the advantages, while avoiding those disadvantages.

We have five draft strategies that show how we will achieve this vision. You can comment on these in your submission.

Infographic shows how the projects in the plan will help achieve Council's goals for the city.

We want Palmerston North residents to experience the best of both worlds

Infograph shows what the Council is aiming for and working to avoid.