We're currently seeking your feedback on two other projects. These consultations are running alongside the 10 Year Plan and provision has been made for them in the plan. You'll find detailed information about both these projects, including online submission forms, on the City Council website.

Victoria Esplanade masterplan: We’re preparing a masterplan for Victoria Esplanade and we want to hear your views on it. This is one of the Manawatū River network projects that's a major focus for us over the next 10 years. It will deliver lifestyle benefits for our residents, and contribute to our city’s attractiveness as a place to live or visit. As well as the separate consultation on the masterplan, we're also asking you about this project through our 10 Year Plan consultation. We want to know what priority you put on the development of the Esplanade. Is it really important to you?

Priority routes and earthquake-prone buildings: Which Palmerston North streets are priorities for fixing the risks of earthquake-prone buildings falling on to footpaths and roads?


We are also seeking your feedback on the following policies. If you have any comments about these, please include them with your submission.

Significance and Engagement Policy: This sets out how we will involve people in our decision making. Our aim is to have as many people as possible, across a variety of sectors, involved in a wide range of decisions. We need to ensure that we make our information relevant, accessible and easy to understand so that you can have your say. We review the policy every three years to ensure it is still meeting peoples’ expectations.

Revenue and Financing Policy [PDF] This explains how each of the Council’s activities (services) will be funded – in particular whether they will be funded by rates or fees.

Development Contributions Policy: This explains how developers will be charged for infrastructure capacity improvements due to growth. We're proposing only minor amendments, as outlined in the proposal. These will improve the administrative efficiency and clarity of the policy, create development contribution areas for new locations, and align the policy with the 10 Year Plan and City Development Strategy growth projections.

Proposal for 2018 Development Contributions Policy [PDF]
Amendments to Development Contributions Policy [PDF]