Walking, cycling and running are all popular and healthy recreation activities in and around Palmerston North, and offer great ‘green’ modes of transport.

We want to encourage this and have already put a lot of effort into creating shared pathways, especially alongside the river. These include the He Ara Kotahi shared pathway between the city and Linton, to be finished in April 2019.

Our 10 Year Plan for 2018-28 continues this work through the projects listed below. Our preferred option is to do all these projects for their environmental, recreation and health benefits. They also contribute to the citywide network of cycling and walking links.

Proposed actions Proposed timing Cost
Summerhill Drive pedestrian and cycle improvements (programme number 732) 2018-21 $1,103,000
Aokautere Drive pedestrian and cycle improvements (programme number 636) 2018-22 $1,048,000
Manawatu river (Ashhurst to Riverside Drive) cycle / pedestrian pathway (programme number 1225) 2019-20 $656,000
Riverside Drive to Railway Rd cycle / pedestrian pathway (programme number 1039) 2019-23 $1,659,000
Palmerston North to Bunnythorpe cycle / pedestrian pathway (programme number 1095) 2020-22 $2,833,000
Park Rd (Fitzherbert Avenue-Katane Street) cycle / pedestrian improvements (programme number 1125) 2020-22 $554,000
Whakarongo to Napier Road cycle / pedestrian pathway (programme number 1117) 2021-26 $908,000
Napier Rd (SH3) / Roberts Line intersection pedestrian and cyclist safety upgrade (programme number 1040) 2023 $1,062,000

Financial implications

Our 10 Year Plan includes provision for $9.8m of capital expenditure, $1.4m of which would be funded by NZTA. The balance would be from Council debt. Once complete this would add approximately $19 a year to the average residential rate, to service and repay debt. Each $1m of capital expenditure adds approximately $2.30 to the average residential rate, so if fewer projects are done the increase in rates will be lower than $19 a year.

Our 10 Year Plan consultation process has now closed. Thanks to everyone who has provided us with feedback on our projects and the options we laid out for them.

We will be finalising the 10 Year Plan based on this feedback in June and will confirm the option chosen once this is complete.

23 April, 2018

Brian T says:

“Develop a network of cycling routes with combinations of on-road marking and off-road links, e.g. thru parks, alley ways. Acquire new links.”

21 April, 2018

James C says:

“Totally support an expanded cycle network. Separate walking paths needed now that the river trail is so popular. ”

19 April, 2018

Angela says:

“Unnecessary debt, maintain what we have. Horizons need the money to get the river swimmable and safe. ”

17 April, 2018

Elizabeth says:

“Emphasis should be on safe protected commuter footpaths and cycleways that connect to allow access to all parts of Palmy.”

14 April, 2018

Emma says:

“We need safe cycling paths through the city. Our children cannot cycle safely to any of the main schools in PN.”

6 April, 2018

Margret says:

“Support all of these in order given, though would like to be able to cycle to Ashhurst alongside river sooner. ”

5 April, 2018

Jennifer says:

“I support all of the projects above. The city also needs a set of protected cycle ways to allow people to commute safely. ”

4 April, 2018

Grace says:

“The river network cycle and walkways are one of the regions biggest draw cards. Continue work on network. Happy to pay via rate increase”

4 April, 2018

Jocelyn says:

“Finishing the Ashhurst track should be prioritised, its currently goes no where. ”

4 April, 2018

Miriam Sharland says:

“I support all of these proposals. It's really important that we prioritise walking and cycling as modes of transport.”

3 April, 2018

Karen says:

“A safe path between the Te Araroa exit onto Old West Rd and the Massey entrance further down on Old West Rd is needed for safety.”

3 April, 2018

Karen says:

“These are all good and timing is good, but keep the cycle and pedestrian paths separate. ”