We want to ensure our Central Library can remain an active and vibrant space for our diverse community.

Council originally consulted on a concept plan for a library of the future to understand the community’s aspirations. This project includes a wide range of improvements, including a new entrance via a café directly from The Square, more focus on digital technologies, an upgraded children’s section, and having more community activity in the library. You can read more about our plans on the Council website.

Planning for the upgrade has shown that we need to do more assessment of the building and its fixtures and fittings before awarding a contract for the redevelopment. This is a prudent approach to ensure we don’t find unexpected problems when the work starts. It will also give us greater confidence in the long-term sustainability of the significant heritage building that is home to our Central Library.

We've put $7.7m in the budget over the next three years to replace components of the building’s infrastructure that are worn out and for the library of the future project (programme number 1518).

The building assessment results will be available around May and will inform the development of a full schedule of work. This will enable us to prudently plan the works and meet the community’s aspirations, rather than revise the concept itself.

Our 10 Year Plan consultation process has now closed. Thanks to everyone who has provided us with feedback on our projects and the options we laid out for them.

We will be finalising the 10 Year Plan based on this feedback in June and will confirm the option chosen once this is complete.

23 April, 2018

Brian T says:

“The library is a cultural treasure. Maintain and fix the problems, leaks etc. There are lots of cafes nearby.”

23 April, 2018

Steven says:

“PN Library was a trail blazer in the world library scene. Let's get it back there and keep the funding up for this treasure of the city.”

20 April, 2018

Jono says:

“Maintenance mainly here please. New technology is always good but kids have easy access to great stuff at school”

19 April, 2018

Anne says:

“Library building needs to be structurally sound and weather tight. There used to be a café at Library and was closed - does it need one now?”

14 April, 2018

Ally says:

“The library does not need to be redeveloped, its a waste of money. Stick to maintenance, the money can be put to use effectively elsewhere”

11 April, 2018

Lee says:

“Sounds like a waste of money. The library is already massive and easily accessible. It definitely does not need its own cafe. ”

11 April, 2018

Helen says:

“I heard that the library is going to add woodworking machines etc to its space. The Menzshed provides this and, other expertise already.”

11 April, 2018

Stomach friend says:

“Why does the library need a music recording booth? Isn't this replicating and competing with the service offered by The Stomach?”

10 April, 2018

Alison Hill says:

“There are plenty of cafes around the library. It's not the PNCC job to be developing a cafe. Stick to maintenance work on the library.”

6 April, 2018

Margret says:

“Library is a treasure. Cafe not needed though opening to George st a good idea, as is archive development.”

6 April, 2018

Lyn says:

“ best library in a long line of international libraries, keep safe, listen to your librarians I am sure cafe is not what they want, ”

4 April, 2018

Jo says:

“Too much wanting to spend here. Yes make it safer but why cafe when lots in the area?”