The world’s most exciting cities have one thing in common – a vibrant city centre enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

We have a City Centre Streetscape Plan to achieve just that. It has eight linked projects designed to showcase pedestrian friendly public spaces, cultivate a lively economy after 5pm, and attract more private investment in the city centre.

This page highlights each project in our preferred order for completion. See below for options and implications, then let us know if you agree with our preferred option, or if you'd do it differently.

Streetscape projects, proposed timeline, and costs

2018-20: Square East
$6,503,000 (programme number 224)

  • wider footpaths, seats and social spaces to encourage foot traffic on this important retail link between The Plaza and Broadway
  • easier pedestrian access to The Square
  • parking that can be used for pop-up markets, extra seats or green space

2019-22: Broadway
$5,971,000 (programme number 1400)

  • social space with a raised area outside the Regent
  • wider footpaths on the southern side
  • able to be closed to traffic for markets and events
  • restaurants and cafes can spill out into the street
  • trees and planting
  • possibly a pop-up canopy for shade and shelter

2020-24: Main Street East
$6,623,000 (programme number 243)

  • safe convenient bus terminal
  • better visual and pedestrian connections with The Square
  • trees and seats, with open space for cafes and retail to spill out into the street

2022-24: Rangitikei Street
$978,000 (programme number 1377)

  • tree-lined boulevard for a greener entrance to the city centre
  • two-lane roadway, with space for trees, plants, and people

2023-26: Square West
$4,651,000 (programme number 209)

  • wider footpaths and more space for cafes and bars
  • simpler and safer Main St intersection for people on bikes and foot
  • social space for meeting and gathering

2024-26: Church Street
$3,917,000 (programme number 247)

  • narrow roadway to one lane in either direction and a planted median strip
  • wider footpaths and better pedestrian access to The Square

2025-27: Square North
$2,624,000 (programme number 248)

  • tree-lined boulevard and planted median strip
  • safer places to cross the road
  • narrow roadway to one lane in either direction

2026-28: Inner Square
$683,000 (programme number 1402)

  • inter-regional bus terminal
  • new shelter to link to the i-SITE and public toilets
  • scope to add space for cafes and shops
  • flexible area for events
  • easier for buses and cars to move around

Options and implications

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Options Complete projects in this order

This is our preferred option
Complete these projects in a different order

This could be over a shorter or longer time
Complete only one or two of the projects Do no improvement projects
City Implications A staged, efficient approach to a more vibrant and thriving city centre that addresses the most important areas first. Potential to streamline projects by using one contractor May not achieve a staged, prioritised approach. If completed in a shorter period, we may need to use more than one contractor, which could add to costs This would lead to the city having an inconsistent look and feel in the city centre and a less vibrant and thriving centre The city centre would be maintained but a lack of improvements may lead to stagnation and a poor city image
Financial Implications The Plan includes provision for $31.9m of capital expenditure which would initially be funded from debt. Once complete this would add approximately $74 p.a. to the average residential rate (to service and repay debt).

Each $10m of capital expenditure adds approximately $23 p.a. to the average residential rate, so if fewer of the projects are done the increase in rates would be lower than $74 p.a.

So, if the Council only did Broadway and the Inner Square, the cost would be $6.7m and the cost on the average residential rate would be $23 x (6.7/10) = $15.40 p.a.

Our 10 Year Plan consultation process has now closed. Thanks to everyone who has provided us with feedback on our projects and the options we laid out for them.

We will be finalising the 10 Year Plan based on this feedback in June and will confirm the option chosen once this is complete.

22 April, 2018

Phil D says:

“You need to complete the city centre ring road between Linton street &Pitt street. Should focus on Broadway and then Rangiteiki strets first”

22 April, 2018

Hugh says:

“For this to be worthwhile the public transport system needs to be fixed. Currently people are pushed into using cars.”

22 April, 2018

chris says:

“This keeps changing at the whim of the Councillor involved. at another cost to the ratepayer, If it anti broke dont fix it”

22 April, 2018

chris says:

“We have an aging population, and with a average public transport system People want to take their own transport into the CBD and park”

21 April, 2018

Murray says:

“How many more million are going to be poured into the square, every time it is done up it then has to be done again. ”

20 April, 2018

Kelly says:

“I agree with the first 4 projects only. That is a lot of money to spend on aesthetics. Broadway upgrade definitely and more trees please”

20 April, 2018

Jono says:

“It’s a lot of dosh for “looks”. I know some people are obsessed with looks, but I’m keen for performance/usability for less money”

20 April, 2018

Thomas says:

“I agree with your option 1 - improving the city centre will bring great benefits to us all over the long term. Let’s invest! ”

18 April, 2018

Jennifer says:

“Have separated bike lanes around the square to allow safe transport for everyone. A pedestrian and cycle friendly square would be best. ”

17 April, 2018

Benjamin says:

“This increase of trees will improve mental and physical health, as will pedestrian oriented space. They'll also improve the feel of the CBD”

17 April, 2018

Anne says:

“Close The Square off to car traffic and only allow foot and cycle traffic as well as public transport access.”

17 April, 2018

Elizabeth says:

“Need to incorporated good cycle/pedestrian infrastructure and nature scaping into all future development to make Palmy a vibrant city.”