We've developed five new strategies to reach the goals we want to achieve for our city. These are summed up in our new vision: small city benefits, big city ambition.

Each strategy is underpinned by a number of plans, each made up of lots of actions that are funded through the 10 Year Plan. You can read about all of these activities in our proposed strategies, and their associated delivery plans.

Click on the supporting information tab for other information that supported the development of the 10 Year Plan and explains our programmes in more detail.

Proposed strategies and plans

Goal 1: An innovative and growing city

Target: 12,000 more jobs in Palmerston North by 2028

City development strategy

City development is also informed by our District Plan.

City Development Strategy
PDF (864.37 KB)

We will drive entrepreneurship and innovation by providing the support, infrastructure, opportunities and conditions to enable traditional sectors to diversify and expand, and new industries and new economies to grow to create the employment opportunities that sustain and expand our city’s future.

Housing and Future Development Plan
PDF (439.16 KB)

This plan is about ensuring there is sufficient, feasible development capacity to meet projected demand, as required by the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity. The plan will identify the broad location, timing and sequencing of future development, and be supported by the infrastructure plan.

Strategic Partners Development Plan
PDF (403.16 KB)

This plan will guide actions that demonstrate how Council will support development undertaken by our strategic partners, including Massey University, FoodHQ, UCOL, Defence, Mid-Central Health, and the airport.

Urban Design Plan
PDF (273.25 KB)

This plan sets out a series of initiatives that build on recent progress on urban design, and increase the understanding and application of urban design principles by Council and the private sector.

Heritage Management Plan
PDF (386.21 KB)

The Heritage Management Plan will raise the profile of heritage and incentivise the strengthening of earthquake-prone heritage buildings in the city centre.

Growth Infrastructure Plan
PDF (297.42 KB)

This plan signals the critical infrastructure matters needing to be addressed in asset management plans and identifies where further investigation and collaboration is needed for major infrastructure issues.

Strategic Transport Plan
PDF (923.04 KB)

This plan will set out the strategic infrastructure matters needing to be addressed in asset management plans and identify where further investigation and collaboration with regional and central government is needed for major strategic transport issues.

Goal 2: A creative and exciting city

Target: Palmerston North scores above 65 in the Creative Cities Index by 2028

Creative and liveable strategy

Creative and Liveable Strategy
PDF (667.73 KB)

We will build Palmerston North’s reputation as a creative and exciting place to live, work and study, that has great places for people, and the attractions, recreation options and experiences of a big city without the hassle and cost.

City Centre Plan
PDF (740.95 KB)

This plan promotes a vibrant city centre and co-ordinates public and private investment, and day-to-day activities within the city centre.

Manawatū River Plan
PDF (288.38 KB)

This plan will deliver the vision of the Manawatū River Framework, that each year there will be more things to do, and more people will spend more time at the Manawatū River.

Placemaking Plan
PDF (514.26 KB)

The Placemaking Plan will take placemaking from a temporary activity to a legacy by applying the principles to a broad range of Council and community activities.

Arts Plan
PDF (512.02 KB)

This plan shows how arts and artists will be supported as the centre of creative Palmerston North.

Events and Festivals Plan
PDF (311.98 KB)

This plan determines how Council will provide, facilitate, and support economic, business and community events and festivals.

Palmy Unleashed Plan
PDF (338.40 KB)

This plan will embed Palmy Unleashed as a cornerstone Council activity that reimagines how the community uses public space in the city centre and improves the reputation of the city.

Active Communities Plan
PDF (573.21 KB)

This plan guides the provision of parks, playgrounds, and recreation opportunities to encourage a more active community.

Natural and Cultural Heritage Plan
PDF (319.87 KB)

This plan reinforces that culture and heritage are more than old buildings that reflect European colonisation.

Active and Public Transport Plan
PDF (715.00 KB)

The Active and Public Transport Plan shows how we intend to create a strong culture of walking and cycling and enable an efficient and effective public transport network.

Goal 3: A connected and safe community

Target: 90% of people are satisfied with the standard of living in Palmerston North by 2028

Connected community strategy

Connected Community Strategy
PDF (1.03 MB)

We will work to make it easy for Palmerston North citizens to connect with each other and to the services, infrastructure, facilities, drinking water quality and opportunities that support individual development, health, prosperity and wellbeing, for the greater good of our community as a whole.

Community Services and Facilities Plan
PDF (579.02 KB)

This plan determines Council’s role in the development and support for community centres, libraries, and other facilities, and sets out the ways we'll support people to learn and connect with others.

Council Housing and Support Plan
PDF (408.77 KB)

A plan to guide the review and development of Council’s role in advocacy, support and provision of housing for people on low incomes.

Healthy Community Plan
PDF (443.57 KB)

This plan sets out our commitment to facilitating better access to health services, and our commitment to concrete strategies to promote healthy lifestyles, including smokefree, sun-smart and healthy food initiatives.

Community Support Plan
PDF (603.42 KB)

How Council will support the community and voluntary sector through grants funding, advocacy, facilitation, collaboration, and capacity building.

Active Citizenship Plan
PDF (269.40 KB)

This plan sets out our commitment to engaging in a variety of ways to maximise the opportunity for Palmerston North people and organisations to participate in decision-making.

Safe Community Plan
PDF (643.44 KB)

This plan shows Council’s commitment to increasing and promoting safety in a range of areas, including the design of public places, city streets, readiness for natural disaster, alcohol-related harm, and family well-being.

Goal 4: An eco city

Target: 25% reduction in CO2 emissions in Palmerston North by 2028

Eco city strategy

Eco City Strategy
PDF (614.06 KB)

Palmerston North will have a sustainable future and a reduced ecological footprint through effective planning of infrastructure and the protection, maintenance and enhancement of our natural and built environment. We are working towards our city becoming a low carbon economy.

Three Waters Plan
PDF (714.12 KB)

A plan to improve the mauri of the Manawatū River and its tributaries, while safeguarding drinking water supply. It will focus on mitigating the effects of urban stormwater and investigating the best practical option for reducing the impact of wastewater discharge.

Waste Plan
PDF (316.66 KB)

This plan details how Council intends to reduce waste within its own operation and support waste minimisation in the wider community.

Energy Plan
PDF (441.11 KB)

This plan outlines how Council will become more energy-efficient, including energy audits of our facilities and implementing the resulting recommendations.

Biodiversity Plan
PDF (444.97 KB)

This plan details how the ranges will be connected with the city by green corridors alongside city streams, and how native wildlife will be protected within the urban area. Planting the stream banks will also go some way towards improving water quality.

Sustainable Practices Plan
PDF (350.76 KB)

This plan details our efforts to foster more sustainable practices within and outside Council, including efforts to reduce waste and encourage more sustainable buildings.

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