Your city. Your say

Last year, we created a vision that encompassed our hopes of being a place that offers small city benefits with big city ambition. A place that is innovative, connected and driven.

We’ve now created a 10 Year Plan that we think will help us achieve this.

We have a package of projects, some small, some large, that we think all need to be done for the city to use the momentum we currently have, to fulfil our real potential.

We’re proposing a capital spend of $765 million, three quarters of which will be spent on business as usual services like roads, water supply, wastewater, stormwater, sports facilities, parks and reserves.

We also think we need to make prudent investments for the future that will ensure our city thrives.

This website summarises what these major projects and services will cost us, and how we'll pay for them. For detailed information about all our activities, see our strategies and plans.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback on the Plan. We'll consider all your feedback.

Thanks again for helping us to continue to see Palmerston North thrive and create an inspiring vision for the generations to come.

Ko te pae tawhiti whaia kia tata, ko te pae tata whakamaua kia tina.
Seek to bring distant horizons closer, sustain and maintain those that have been arrived at.